Oh noes, is this the end for Silent Shadow/Mach the Knife? Let’s face it that what Archon is going to wind up calling him since he never declared his name. We’ll see if that keeps him down.

Dabbler’s grasp of technobabble is pretty good considering the holes in her vocabulary. I’ll just say once she had a baseline in English down, she boned up on her science and math terms.

I have to be careful with Dabbler’s gadgets. She’s been adventuring around for a while and she has a lot of toys, but I don’t want to give her a gadget for every situation, a sort of Deus ex Gadgeta situation. Really, those little bondage pods would be quite effective against many of the villains at the battle now. The easiest excuse is to say she gets really focused on building the gadget itself, but bored when it comes to making the ammo, so she usually only has 2-3 shots for anything.

Here’s an entirely NSFW thing for you guys (though the page defaults to a SFW mode at first). Someone has made a kickstarter for adult stuff, and Fred Perry is using it to try and fund a naughty tactics game. Basically if you like Final Fantasy Tactics but wish it had naughty interstitials, then this is probably worth checking out. The site is called Offbeatr, make what you will of that, but their set up is a little different. Projects posted there have to be voted on before they can enter the funding stage, I assume as a way to gauge interest and elevate the cream so to speak. So here’s the link, like I said, NSFW. Tactics Elemental.

I’m at A-kon starting today. The con isn’t open till Friday but I volunteer and help transport guests and stuff, so I’m not sure how much internet access I’ll have before Sunday. I have a Friday panel at 2:30, Humor-Based Webcomics 1: Humor in Story. In case you can’t make it, I’ll be wearing a Grrl Power shirt, (at least on Friday) and I’ll probably be hanging around for some of the other webcomic panels, and I’ll wander by the Antarctic Press table quite a few times. It would be cool to have a meetup for lunch or dinner one night with people. I’m not sure how to organize that. Best I can figure is to post updates to Twitter, and here on the page during the con.

The Gynostar saga continues, but Rebecca’s taking the reigns back. We discussed how the story would resolve after my contribution was over but I’m still eager to see her take on it.

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