Sydney’s right. I spent very little effort on that sound effect. Honestly, I started coming up with some noises, but I was like, VROUNCH? SHRAAKZZZ? GLUDVOR! Actually, that one sounds like an alien’s last name. Well, it would if it had a lot of unnecessary apostrophes in it. G’luD’voR!

The relationship between the Skybreaker and the sigil on the floor will probably be explained at some point. It’s not honestly critical to the plot, but I know some people were wondering about it. For now just assume that magic is complicated and allows convenient storytelling hooks.

Hah. I just realized I drew Sydney’s hair blowing in the wind even though she’s in her bubble. Maybe she farted. In terror, at the universe being torn a new one? A terror fart, yeah. Even though she’s being characteristically glib.

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